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Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice are the important food grain which is widely consumed in India and many other countries. These are the best source of carbohydrate and other nutrients. They are available in different types like white and brown.
Cashew Nut
Cashew Nuts are the soft kidney shaped dry fruit item with a sweet taste and are also known as “Kaju” in India. They are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
Raw Potatoes
Our company offer high quality of raw potatoes that are free from any chemical fertilizers and insecticides. These are used to prepare many different kind of dishes and snack foods.
Fresh Onions
Fresh Onions provided by us are available in red and yellow color. They are mainly used to add aroma and flavor to the food. These are highly rich in antioxidants which is beneficial for health.
Indian Spices
Indian Spices are the most important food agents used to add flavor and aroma. They are available in in different forms such as powder, seeds and are free from artificial colors.
Jowar which is also known as sorghum in English are the quality grains with a high nutitional values. These food products consist of various health beneficial nutrients like protein, fiber, fat, carbohydrate and many more.
Lemons are citric fruits that are highly rich source of vitamin C with a sharp sour taste. They are mostly composed of water which is used to add tangy flavor to the food.
Maize is cereal grain and is one of the most consumed crop in the word. In India it is also known as “Makka” or “Corn” and are mainly used in breakfast as light food source.
Soya Bean
Soya Beans are the best source of protein for vegetarian people. They are species of legume family which helps to decrease cholesterol level and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Toor Whole
Toor Whole belongs to the beans family which is mostly consumed food in south Asia. They are the rich source of protein and are available in fresh and pure form.
Cold Press Coconut Oil
Cold Press Coconut Oil are extracted from the fresh and natural coconuts. They are used as an edible oil for cooking and can be used for the nourishment of skin and hair.
Cold Press Ground Nut Oil
Cold pressed Ground Nut Oil are vegetable oils that are made from the best quality of peanuts. These are processed at low temperature and have a strong aroma of the raw materials used.